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Welcome to my place on the web! This site features several collections of original photographs that I've taken over the years. It also contains a computer game that I wrote. I hope you find both the pictures and the computer game to be enjoyable.

Wildflowers of Ventura County:

These wildflower pictures were taken while hiking many of the trails in and around Ventura County. My intention with this group of pictures is to help others learn to appreciate and identify the many wildflowers in the area. A group of thumbnail pictures, arranged by color may be quite helpful to the novice who wants to identify what he/she has seen.

View the wildflowers.

Critters of Ventura County:

While hiking the many trails of Ventura County, in addition to snapping pictures of a few wildflowers (see above), I have also encountered a few critters that were nice enough to pose for a snapshot. Here are a few examples:

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Marine Life of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties:

These marine life pictures were taken while scuba diving in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The collection of photos is just my way of sharing a small part of the amazing world that exists just beyond our beaches.

View the marine life.

Paul's Picture Gallery:

This is a collection of various original photographs that I took a long, long time ago. It's organized into several categories including scenic pictures, portraits, animal pictures, pictures of kids, and more. If you're interested (nobody has been yet), it also contains a few pictures of me doing some of the things I used to enjoy very much.

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The Computer Game:

This is a computer game that I wrote a few years ago. It's a free puzzle game that many have tried and enjoyed. It needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer before use, but (unlike many of today's games) it doesn't contain any virus, adware, or spyware components. It also includes an uninstall option that will completely remove it from your computer if and when you wish. If you enjoy puzzles, click on the link to learn a little more about it.

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About Paul:

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