About Paul

Read This First!
You want to know more about me? If I don't owe you any money, if you aren't trying to collect that parking fine from about 20 years ago, if you aren't some sort of pervert who wants to harass me, if you aren't trying to sell me anything, and if you won't use any of the information against me, then read on!

More than you ever wanted to know about Paul:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lb.
Age: Over the hill
Hair: Yes
Eyes: Two
Address: Southern California
Zip: Yes, I still have a little zip left
Phone Number: Two (A home phone and a cell phone)
E-mail Address: Yes, I have one
Driver's License: Yep! Got one of those too
Credit Card #: Two (It was three, but I recently cancelled one of them)
Education: MS
Occupation: Retired
Avocation: Skiing, hiking, biking, scuba, photography, computers, travel, movies, sailing, more, more, more ......
Marital Status: Divorced
Favorite Tobacco: None!
Illegal Drugs: None!

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